Meet the Pastor

Isaiah Redd, Sr., MDiv

Pastor Isaiah Redd, Sr.

Pastor Isaiah Redd, Sr. is a lifetime Baltimore Native. He was an honor student at Overlea Senior High School where he graduated in 1990. He then enlisted in the United States Army as a Field Artilleryman and served 11 years. Isaiah is an Operation Desert Storm Veteran and was stationed in Korea, Oklahoma, and Germany. While serving in the Army, Isaiah heard the call of God and decided to finally answer. In 2002, Isaiah became a Certified Lay Speaker and started his ministry work with Youth Ministry. Pastor Redd has a love for young people and a determination to teach them at their level so they too can grow in Christ.

Isaiah’s life and faith in God were tested with a life changing car accident that should have claimed his life, but the grace of God was with him and God saved and healed him. Since this event, Isaiah recognized the power of God in his life and realized God had something special to do with him in ministry. Isaiah was blessed to win the heart of his lovely and talented wife, Amali S. Redd, who is a counselor, and together they have 3 children, Amaiah, Imani, and Isaiah, Jr. (Rock). Isaiah is a graduate of Kaplan University and Wesley Theological Seminary. He is also a teacher at Mission University; a United Methodist Women global initiative for empowering the oppressed. Pastor Redd and Lady Redd are anxiously waiting to see what God does each and every day as they press towards the mark of a higher calling in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Isaiah looks forward to being the Senior Servant Leader and Pastor of Emmarts United Methodist Church by spreading the word of God to the people of God by any means that are able. In his downtime, Isaiah enjoys movies, weightlifting, and family time. Don’t be surprised that you find Pastor Redd singing and smiling because that is his everyday persona. Isaiah is also energetic and enthusiastic about learning new things. His favorite scripture is Galatians 5:1 with states “So Christ has truly set us free, now make sure that you stay free and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law”.

The United Methodist Church has been the place where I have felt Christ the most, click on the link.

Beliefs and Theology

I have been a United Methodist all my life specifically for our rich traditions of grace theology, our theological mindset, and for the Mission of creating disciples as well as being disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world. 

I believe that Christ died, Christ got up and is in us with every breath, every thought and action. Christ’s very presence in us causes us to change and walk in those same footprints. I believe that God’s Kingdom will come , however we have to prepare the world for that coming (parousia). And so, I do believe with a love, passion and intensity that one day we will walk in perfection of Christian love so the King of Glory can come in.

I have a Theology that since we are all made in God’s image, we too have powers, and though they may not be cosmic or divine, God gives us the will power to do what’s right to be better for ourselves and one another.

Compassion and Communal Focal Points

Our compassion at Emmarts is to cultivate a seed of faith in the lives of our members and those lives that we intermittently come across. If we do this as a team, there is no way the devil can overtake this world with evil.

Our focal point is to draw in the Generation X’ers and Millenials so that the Church can survive. With these generations being more and more drawn to viral outlets, we need to be more vigilant and responsive to what they are watching, absorbing and listening to so it doesn’t contaminate their souls. We, at Emmarts, believe that with God’s help we can reach them and mentor them to be the men and women of God they were created to be.

Chatroom Theology

Highlight Reel

One of Pastor Redd’s favorite songs of inspiration in this time of social and political destruction. We always need to know that we have a friend in Jesus. Thanks Luke G for the refreshing invigoration.

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